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The Santa Monica Mountains Task Force (SMMTF) was created in 1972. Our initial efforts were to bring attention and support to the Santa Monica Mountains as a great natural, cultural and recreational resource.

The SMMTF played a key role in the development of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area (SMMNRA). Our activists lobbied in Congress, talked to park planners and land managers at the federal, state and local levels. These efforts led to legislation (authored by Tony Bielenson) that resulted in the creation of the SMMNRA in 1978.

Our Task Force has long been a primary resource for identifying lands to be protected in these mountains. We have worked diligently with public officials to initiate a priority list of significant wildlands for acquisition, and we have been involved in open space and trail use decisions.  Our conservation efforts have focused on the preservation and protection of watersheds, viewsheds, riparian areas and wildlife corridors.

The SMMTF has long played an active role in campaigning to purchase significant open space in these mountains. We have worked to elect political leaders who fight to obtain new parkland and who endorse the highest level of protection for natural resources. Lawsuits we have initiated and/or supported have played a major role in adding new parkland and stopping developments.